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Sunshine - 3 Months-3 Years

The Learning Environment:

The space in Sunshine Room is equipped for children aged 3months to 3 years. It is divided by a sliding door which allows separation of our baby and toddler room. Each class is managed by a Lead Practitioner who leads a team of experienced staff. The ratio within the baby room is 1:3 with the addition of a support worker and the ratio within toddler room is 1:4.

The staff expertly allow the children to lead their own play and discoveries, provide support and challenge where appropriate. We believe that sometimes standing back and allowing children to find out things for themselves and allow them time, is just as important as stepping in to direct or question. The environment will reflect the current interests of the children who use the space. This information is provided by parents and key workers who advocate possible lines of direction for supporting children to reach developmental milestones.

The space within the room features ‘learning areas’ and carpeted spaces for children to explore and investigate resources safely. Children are encouraged to select resources and activities for themselves with the support of an adult. For example, children are free to mix their own paints in the toddler room and make their own play dough for sharing with friends. These experiences allow children to develop independence, to learn key mathematical skills and to develop the confidence in having a go!

Sunshine Room has 2 outdoor spaces. The space at the front of the school is primarily used by our youngest children which is part grass and part safety surface. The older children within the class have free access to the rear garden which contains more challenging and age appropriate equipment.

Care and Learning in Sunshine Room:

Everything that we do in our school is based on the best interests of the children. We being by ensuring that we work closely with parents to create an environment where children settle in confidently with the support of highly qualified and responsive adults.

Daily diaries are kept for our youngest children which inform parents about their child’s milk/food intake and toileting needs.

A Key Person:

Each child will be allocated a key person who will provide support, responding to individual needs and enabling them to settle in. They will also record significant progress and plan for appropriate learning activities with the support of other staff members. The key worker will also spend time with parents, addressing concerns and questions and by informing them about their child’s day.