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Extended Services Provision


At North Islington we aim to meet the needs of our local families in many different ways.

At least a third of our total places are offered with extended hours. We have places that start from 8am and a variety of finish times up until 6pm. Our core day is 9.15am-3.15pm, anything outside of the core day is classed as extended provision which is led by room based staff whom the children are familiar with. We are quite flexible in what we offer and have a range of start and finish times along with various term time and all year round contracts.

Breakfast and tea is served within the classrooms and children are encouraged to select and serve themselves where appropriate. We also open for a further 10 weeks a year for holiday provision for at least a third of our total places. Where possible we try to accomodate parental requests for holiday provision for those children on TTO contracts.

At the end of a busy core day, the children are provided with a snack of fresh fruit and water before being encouraged to participate in activities which often reflect what they would do at home. For example, playing board games and listening to music/story tapes. The children are also encouraged to use the outside spaces at this time.