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Day Care Places & Charges

We offer day care provision for 80.80 FTE children across the school. This is broken down in to the following age groups:

  • 12 FTE - 0-24 months, Sunshine Room, Babies
  • 16.8 FTE - 24-36 months, Sunshine Room, Toddlers
  • 12 Part Time (6FTE) - 24-36 months, Ocean Room, free 15 hour entitlement
  • 46 FTE - 36-48 months, Ocean Room

Charges are set by the Local Authority and are based on household income. Please see the attached charging sheets for more information.

We follow the councils policy and offer either 2,3 or 5 day places, part time places need to be consecutive days i.e. Mon-Tue or Thur-Fri. We do offer a range of different start and finish times subject to availability but your child will need to have the same start/finish time each day they attend (excluding the 2.5 day places). All contracts that are currently in place will remain unchanged but we won't be able to offer any new times/days unless they meet the criteria set out above.

Fees are paid a week in advance to ensure your account does not go in arrears.  The Local Authority maintain a no arrears policy which we adhere to.  Should a parent/carer find themselves in financial difficulty then we ask that they come to speak to the School Business Manager or Headteacher as soon as possible. Repayment plans can be discussed and arranged on a case by case basis. 

We accept all Childcare Vouchers which parents/carers can claim through their employer which enables you to save, on average £1,000 per year through Tax/NI.